Toilet Renovation


Remodelling your toilet into a glamour room

Remodelling your toilet into a glamour room


A toilet is, some would argue, a necessary evil in the house. It isn’t that long ago that this particular function was relegated to the great outdoors; the small, vulnerable-looking building attracting many nicknames over time. With the advent of indoor plumbing many sighed in relief that it was now no longer necessary to brave the weather for a little light relief. Unfortunately toilets tend to be the ‘littlest room’ in the house, many feeling quite claustrophobic, and the worst examples having hand basins that squeeze the user into strange contortions when using this ‘convenience’.

A lot of modern houses have toilets that are situated in the bathroom, sharing space with multiple functions including hand basins, showers, and baths. The obvious drawback of this option is the reticence, and quite reasonably so, of most of us to allow simultaneous occupancy mixing these functions. Long live the toilet room – a single function chamber with outdoor ventilation. While indoor toilets are a blessing, few really consider its benefits or that it can be more than just the littlest room.



A toilet installation can be a DIY task but let’s face it, it is probably the smallest room with the least access to what can be a tricky task. After sweating profusely over the challenge of getting behind the bowl and connecting the cistern up to the mains, sealing the water and waste connections and admiring your barked knuckles (why do they put toilet seat nuts in such awkward and invisible places?), it is finally ready for use. Unfortunately when the first person to use it flushes, discovering it leaks – into the house, what do you do? If you’re looking for something a little longer lasting and durable, leave it to professional toilet renovators.

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