Office Renovation



Office Renovation is a combination of art and science. For any kind of scale whether is small office, SME office, or Corporate Office, we need creative office interior design, careful planning of resources, minimal flaw execution, and clean after work services.

We provide one stop office renovation solutions including ceiling, flooring, electric wiring and air-con, partition, painting, door, access system and so on. For organization who require creative interior design, rest assured our qualified interior designer for not only appealing design, but also realistic and practical for your office usage and corporate image.



Factory Renovation


Factory renovation is done for two reasons; structural and foundation issues that need to be addressed and these are frequently a cost without productivity benefit, or can even impact productivity. The other reason is to upgrade the premises to fit new machinery and commensurate electrical installations to facilitate new business opportunity. In fact, if structural changes need to be done for the safety of a building, then combining both reasons can deliver benefit from the upheaval caused by the work. Schedule the projects to coincide – it is better to stop a production floor once than twice. If the factory has multiple production lines for unconnected products, work around production orders and phase in the project when one run finishes and before the next run commences. In a lot of ways it is no different to the typical annual equipment refurbishment that takes place in most plants.


Factory Renovation & Factory Space Planning Service in Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur

  • Factory renovation and factory space planning service, additional and alteration works
  • Warehouse renovation, ventilation and electrical wiring installation service.
  • Terrace factory, semi-detached factory, detached factory, light factory, etc.

Warehouse Renovation, Ventilation and Electrical Wiring Installation Service in Malaysia

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