Roof Renovation

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The roof is vital to the function of a house, keeping out water and maintains the internal temperature. These two statements are obvious. We build the value of a roof up in our minds to such an extent that when it is mentioned in a negative light in a structural survey, we panic. That is because of all parts of a house, the roof is seen as something arcane and mysterious – we rarely look at the underside, and when we do it is just something we accept as being there.

When you look at a house, one of the primary things that defines its looks, and hopefully it beauty is the roof. The colours of the tiles, the shape of the structure, its complexity or even simplicity is as important as how it mates with the walls. From slate rooves, tiles of different colours, all the way through to thatched rooves all add their appeal to the house, giving it a ‘presence’ on the street.

Fortunately the need for complete re-roofing is comparatively rare. A surveyor will flag up issues that require attention to prevent leakage from causing damage to the existing structure. The older a roof, the more likelihood that it will have problems, but remember, if it has stood for a hundred years or more, it will stand for a while longer yet so don’t ever rush a decision on roof renovation. Leaks are the commonest problem for any roof; so regularly go into the loft and with the light off and in daytime check for light penetrating the gloom – rain can use the same hole. Look at the wooden slats for water staining or moulds and fungus development.

The top two reasons for roof renovation are renewing the existing materials, and joining an extension to the current infrastructure. Cement tiles, developed and used extensively in the seventies and eighties only have a life expectancy of around 25 years, so if you’re looking to buy, a good place to start is to interrogate about the age and materials used on your roof. An ageing roof on a domestic property can lead to leaks and other problems inside the home. Keeping up with maintenance will ensure a large bill doesn’t come out of the blue; a little expenditure little and often will save a lot of money in the long term.

Specialist contractors do not come cheap, but their experience is essential and will certainly save you money in the long term. Many people think that a damaged roof will have to be stripped and re-laid but specialist contractor have modern solutions to roof problems, allowing the homeowner to save both time and money. Flat rooves might be mistakenly thought of as simple, but unless ventilation and drainage are done properly, they become a long term headache and money pit. Employing a roofing contractor may be a more expensive way to go but it is still less costly than having problems and will give your house a quality feel when it comes to selling.

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