Options for Modern Design Kitchen Cabinets


Modern design is the most popular design in the recent years as more homeowners love high gloss and high shine kitchen cabinets. Modern designed kitchen cabinets will also make your house look more elegant and futuristic. A modern-designed kitchen cabinet is also easier to maintain as compared to a classic one. To create a modern design for your kitchen cabinets, you have multiple options such as high-gloss Formica, spray painting, powder coating (P.U.), acrylic and 3G glass.

High-gloss Formica is one of the cheaper options, provided you choose the cheaper to mid-range Formica. One of the disadvantages of choosing your cabinet doors to be laminated with Formica is that there will be visible lines at every edge of your cabinets if you take a closer look.

3G glass door is a spray glass which is supported by a wood panel/board. In terms of shining effect, it may be slightly better than one of an acrylic material. It is also quite easy to maintain as most stains can be wiped off easily with just a wet cloth with no scratches. However, 3G glass door can be heavier due to the glass material. Though 3G glass could break easier as compared to others, normal activities in the kitchen will not cause the glass to break.

Acrylic is a glass-like plastic, also known as poly (methyl) methacrylate (PMMA). Most acrylic material used for cabinetry is an ‘extruded acrylic’. It is considered to be affordable given its good quality, though it is softer and easier to be scratched as compared to ‘cell cast acrylic’. As compared to a 3G glass door, acrylic doors are half as heavy as glass and will not break. Though acrylic doors can be scratched easily as compared to 3G glass doors, it can be easily buffed out too.

The other method that you can achieve high-gloss or matte colour kitchen cabinets would be through spray painting. One of the main benefits of spray painting will be that there will be no lines at the edge of the cabinets. Another better quality spray painting would be Polyurethane painting, also widely known as P.U. painting. P.U. is a plastic-based resin which provides a flawless and glossy finish when it is used for painting, and higher quality finishes than normal spray painting. It is highly durable, resistant to water and chemicals. Spray painting can only be used on MDF board and solid wood.

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