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Office Renovation

  Office Renovation is a combination of art and science. For any kind of scale whether is small office, SME office, or Corporate Office, we need creative office interior design, careful planning of resources, minimal flaw execution, and clean after work services. We provide one stop office renovation solutions including ceiling, flooring, electric wiring and […]

Shop Renovation

  Shops frequently require updating, and commonly not for structural purposes. Keeping up with market trends is quite an issue for shops, and this expense is usually easily justified; older decoration can quickly look dated and uninviting. Changing the image of the store is an excellent way of drawing new client, often with deeper purses, […]

Factory Renovation

Factory renovation is done for two reasons; structural and foundation issues that need to be addressed and these are frequently a cost without productivity benefit, or can even impact productivity. The other reason is to upgrade the premises to fit new machinery and commensurate electrical installations to facilitate new business opportunity. In fact, if structural […]

Door Renovation

  Doors are not only about access to a room or house, they are also a canvas for decoration. While ensuring security to premises, doors can be decorative features, allowing colors and design to express individuality. Need for renovations for Door Changing the look of a door is as good a way to change the […]

Porch Renovation

    The porch is an elegant structure that adds interest and colour to any façade. It offers shelter from the sun in summer or against inclement weather at other times. It makes a home look more welcoming and adds, depending upon your frontage, an additional place to relax and enjoy a cool beverage in […]

Balcony Renovation

The balcony is a great bit of extra room for any house, offering you the chance of outdoor living in good weather even if you don’t have a garden. Because of its height it can offer just the right amount of privacy for social gatherings, or simply to sit there in the morning taking in […]

Toilet Renovation

  A toilet is, some would argue, a necessary evil in the house. It isn’t that long ago that this particular function was relegated to the great outdoors; the small, vulnerable-looking building attracting many nicknames over time. With the advent of indoor plumbing many sighed in relief that it was now no longer necessary to […]

Roof Renovation

The roof is vital to the function of a house, keeping out water and maintains the internal temperature. These two statements are obvious. We build the value of a roof up in our minds to such an extent that when it is mentioned in a negative light in a structural survey, we panic. That is […]

Ceiling Renovation

  Although not generally regarded as a structural element of a property, the ceiling conceals the underside of the floor and the roof structure. It is something that is often overlooked when planning the renovation of a room. Of course, ceilings are more complex than you might imagine; if you own a period house it […]

Bathroom Renovation

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the second most complex and most-visible room in the house. That is why, along with the kitchen, it is usually the last room to be renovated. A quality, functional bathroom is essential to the smooth and clean running of a home. It offers high drama, at least once a […]